A Torah Community in Henderson, Nevada

Building a thriving, family-driven future within our welcoming out-of-town community.

Grow your family in an out-of-town torah environment

Small, close-knit community
Inclusive and Friendly Atmosphere
Small Town touch with all the amenities

Our Mission​

Our mission is to foster a vibrant, family-centered community guided by the wisdom and values of the Torah. We are dedicated to creating an environment where every individual and family can thrive spiritually, culturally, and socially. We emphasize nurturing well-rounded, future-oriented leaders through mindful observance of Torah values. Our community is a place where the teachings of Torah illuminate every aspect of daily life, shaping a future that our children will aspire to be a part of. Together, we are committed to building a warm, inclusive community that cherishes each member and upholds the principles of Torah in every action.

Core Values​

Family-Centered Approach
Raising Well-Rounded Youth
Torah Observance as a Conscious Way of Life
Nurturing Future Leaders

About Henderson

Economic Benefits: Benefit from no state income tax and growing job opportunities in various fields.
Safety First: Ranked as one of the safest cities in the U.S.
Peaceful Living: Enjoy a tranquil, family-friendly atmosphere away from city chaos.
Natural Beauty: No billboards, preserving the scenic beauty and traditional values.
Pleasant Climate: Experience warm summers, mild winters, and delightful spring and autumn seasons.
Outdoor Activities: Over 200 miles of bike and hiking trails, plus abundant public parks and splash pads.

Jewish Amenities

Educational Excellence

Yeshiva Day School of Las Vegas with a beautiful new campus just 20 minutes away, and Desert Torah Academy 30 min away.

Neighborhood Mikvah

Beautiful new women’s mikvah located within the neighborhood.

High School & Beyond

Boys and Girls High Schools in town and a Boys Bais Medrash. Touro College.

Kosher Food

An abundance of restaurants due to the popularity of Las Vegas for conventions and travel destinations. Kosher supermarkets, and other kosher resources.

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